Atelier Gwendolyne Fiber Workshop is coming this Fall 2023

Atelier Gwendolyne Fiber Workshop is coming this Fall 2023

Once again this Fall I am presently my Embroidery Workshop starting this October.

My present studio is cozy and is filled with many tools and materials to assist your creativity and vision.

It has always been a great pleasure to present and share my love of creative process. In this course, designed for beginners and all skills sets, are 4 classes spanning over 7 weeks from October to November. One of my participants from the past wrote this wonderful description of the workshop. In her own words…

 Hand stitching embroidery on red linen hoop

The premise of this class is very simple.  Gwendolyne gives us a beautiful hand made pouch containing different packets of embroidery thread (which I purchased from Gwendolyne's shop) to represent each of the elements, a variety of needles, an embroidery hoop, wax, a transfer tool and a beautiful book she produced which includes a wealth of how-to-do different embroidery stitches and many blank pages for notes and sketches.  We are to draw a design of each of the four elements, choose fabric, transfer the design to fabric, practice embroidery stitches, decide on the colours we wish to use, embroider our design, finish off the back and frame it.  That is the premise.
 But the reality is vastly different.

Large scissors trimming an embroidered flag of musical notes


When I began this class my sewing skills were weak, drawing was a challenge and my sense of colour was indifferent.  Art is not my field and I thought if I could learn a few different embroidery stitches and make a few simple pieces that would be enough.  And yet, when it came right down to it, there was nothing simple about my designs and yet Gwendolyn was right there, showing me that what I thought was impossible could be done.  I now have before me three completed pieces.  I have been taught embroidery, beading, the manipulation of fabric to form three dimensional forms and in my fire canvas there is even a twig from my garden, helping me to personalize my experience even more.  This is a course that called forth every bit of my creative energy and every time I was stumped, confused or discouraged Gwendolyne was right there with suggestions, help and encouragement.  I have taken many courses and yet this one was strikingly different from any that have come before.  Why?  I think I have a few answers.

Three women working in the studio with their fiber artworks.

This class flows freely and each participant works at their own speed.  There is a lot of time for conversation and laughter but it is also perfectly fine to feel frustrated and confused and ask for as much help as you need because there is never just one way to do anything,  There are bins of fabric to look through, books to study, music to inspire, and the studio space itself to absorb - almost like a fairy tale with its wonderful hats and bags and pillows, buttons, toys, sewing machines, prayer flags, tall windows, warm light and comfortable chairs.  In essence there is a feeling of comfort and security here – it is okay to be different, it is okay not to know, it is okay to move forward.
Taking this class has been a tremendous adventure for me.  It has also been transformative in ways I never anticipated.

Dawn showing her finished artwork of the theme "Water"

Thank you Dawn for your words. This Fall I have new additional skills to share with you. You can book your the 4 class schedule here.

My past workshops at my old studio in the 401 Richmond location can be visited here. If you have any further questions I welcome you to contact me as well as share this newsletter to anyone you know that might enjoy this workshop to open their creativity and share some creative time with others.


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