The power of Spring's Fresh Air

The power of Spring's Fresh Air

This year has been one of the most beautiful Springs in years. A good friend of mine was crewed on a film series and needed someone to care for her golden retriever. Morty has been my daily companion for the last 3 months. Her 3 walks a day gave us both fresh air and exercise. Something a studio artist truly needs. So thank you to my friend Marlena and Morty, you both made my Spring was extra special.

Here is a reel I created about beautiful abundance during my daily walks over the first 10 days this May.

Another friend of mine Dawn, was so kind to introduce me to her amazing home designer friend. It was John’s generosity of spirit moved me, he had gifted me with the most exquisite Designer Walk sample fabrics. I needed to make bag designs to celebrate the fabric's worth. That rabbit hole resulted with a most unique shoulder bag. I loved this design so much, that I made a carry case for it. It's also a lovely unique gift item. All inspired by the fabric itself.

After using those gifted fabrics I realized I had an extraordinary stash of my very own to use. I now began designing other bag designs. The "Sunshine Tote" was the first and then my "Fresh Tote" which I am so proud to share in my shop. So my Spring time was very adventurous creating designs and some most unique carry all bags for people to enjoy everyday.

Here is a reel about my studio journey making my brand new “Fresh Totes” the daily GO TO carry all for your summer days. You don’t need to ask for those reusable branded looking bags when you own one a Fresh Tote. I am so proud of this design. Each one is unique and has a polyester lining. An inside zipper pocket and a quick outside pocket. The 2 straps are very sturdy and comfortable. Don’t let the beauty of these tapestry totes stop you from their daily use. They are meant to be worn and enjoyed for many years. Your outfit for the day will always have a good compliment to your look to say you are unique and stylish :))))

My friend Camellia took these photos of me today in my jean cut offs. Afterwards she said how will your community know about these. She reminded me it had been far too long to reach out and say hello. So here I am today sharing my most recent project.

This is year two without William. I am doing much better about living on my own. I am grateful to have my studio and community who wrap their love around me. There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss him. He was such an incredible human, he was my muse. It is those thoughts that keep me wanting to create and push farther. Learning and designing new clothing for myself and accessories for others gives me great joy. It is that joy that I place in each of my creations.

I hope you are doing well. Reach out and say hello to let me know how you are doing. Your support in Gwendolyne Hats gave me so much and it is that energy I am feeling again these days.

May your summer be filled with days of joy, gratitude and love.

Gwendolyne Preboy


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