Time to create again

Time to create again

I can finally share this post. Last year was a very sad as on I lost my life partner WS Brown. He was a very talented artist and my best friend. After 8 years of health challenges his life line came to the end. We had 35 glorious creative years together. Every day I wake up I feel his presence telling me to go and have fun. He's in my heart and luckily for me I have an abundance of magical memories to carry on in my life.

So the last 8 years, I put Gwendolyne Hats on the back burner. I still made custom hats and bags for some of my clients, however care giving William was my number one focus in my life.

I joined the Film business in 2013 and became a Costumer. I am just now learning to put myself first and to enjoy who I am. For the last several months I have been preparing the online shop which is officially complete. Yesterday I did some Spring cleaning in the studio and with this new work table orientation I am excited to be working in the studio today.

A new Abbey Road cap is in the process of being created for one of my dear clients. Life is precious make everyday count. See the best in things around you and celebrate yourself. Coming out of the darkness and feeling the light in ones self and the world out there can only mean Spring is here for all of us.



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