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Gwendolyne Hats

Lilac Turquoise Peak Robin Linen Cap Size Medium

Lilac Turquoise Peak Robin Linen Cap Size Medium

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This "Robin" cap design is a take on the classic Breton style. Designed to wear in the mid seasons starting in Spring right through to Fall. It has the sensibility of the 60s era looking great women with it's unique colour palettes.

The outside of this medium size cap has been hand cut from a shot lilac white light weight linen weave. The mauve purple band is made from a strong basket weave cotton. The turquoise linen peak is made from a sturdy flexible leather board which I top stitch on my leather machine. The cap is embellished with a 1920s burgundy wine pressed button strap detail.

The lining is cut from a light weight cotton which makes the cap very breathable and eliminates hat hair, due to the natural choice of materials.

This medium size cap will fit comfortably someone who’s head measurement is 21 7/8 - 22".
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Customer Reviews

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Rita Reichart
New wonderful summer creation

Love it, love it, love it and it feels and fits perfectly. My colours, fabric and feel is exquisite, my summer treat without calories. Hurray again for Darling Gwendolyne

Karen Brooks
Snappy new hat

I’m a devout follower of Gwendoline and her hats. The care and craftsmanship she puts into every piece makes them a privilege to wear. You can spot one of her hats a mile away. You don’t get that everyday. I’m very excited about my new hat. Fits like a glove. And so spiffy!